10 Ways To Make Your Dog Happy

We all want our dogs to be happy. Of course we do! Taking them for a nice long walk and playing with them every day are the obvious things that give your dog happiness, whilst strengthening the bond between you. But what else can you do? After all, they give us so much pleasure, it’s only right to give it back!


  • Feed Him Well

High quality food not only helps your dog’s health and longevity, it also helps them to feel good! Bad quality, cheap dog food can often contain a lot of unnecessary additives that can actually affect your dog’s mood and behaviour. Pick your dog food wisely!

  • Go On Holiday

Dogs love a good change of scenery as much as we do. They love a chance to check out all the new smells and sights of different places, they love to explore, and they love being with you. A holiday with your dog ticks all these boxes!

  • Keep Him In Shape

A slim dog is a happy dog. Minimise the table scraps and treats you give him, and max out on exercise. Choosing the right food helps, too.

  • Let Him Sniff

Dogs love to sniff stuff. Smell is their most powerful sense, the main way they engage with the world around them. If you’re out with your dog and he wants to have a whiff of something, let him!

  • Learn His Body Language

Your dog reads your body language and tone of voice all the time. Pay him the same attention and get to know what he means when he holds his ears or tail a certain way, or makes a particular sound.

  • Keep Him Clean

This doesn’t just mean a bath or shower: we know that most dogs don’t enjoy being washed one bit. However, regular grooming feels good and strengthens your bond, whilst also keeping their coat and skin healthy. Maintaining good oral hygiene by brushing your dog’s teeth regularly is key to their long term health, as is cleaning their ears. Ears can hide mites and harbour nasty infections if not cleaned regularly. Also, keep those nails short. Get your vet to do this, as it can be hard to do it right at home.

  • Always Be Gentle

It should be common sense, but many people still think it’s okay to give their dog a smack if they do something their human doesn’t like. This should never, ever happen. You should also never force train your dog, threaten or frighten them. Choke chains and electric collars are also incredibly barbaric. Ask yourself if you’d do this to a child: a dog has the mental and emotional capacity of a two year old human child.

  • Dance Together

Stick the radio on and have a boogie around the kitchen with your furry friend. Go on, it’s fun for both of you!

  • Have a Chat

They might not understand everything you say, but dogs do thrive on engagement. So, sit down with your pet and talk to him about what’s on your mind. He can actually understand the tone of your voice, so stick to pleasant topics!

How do you treat your dog to keep him happy? We’d love to hear about your ideas! Get in touch onFacebook or Twitter and let us know!