10 Weird Moments Only Dog Owners Will Understand

We are a funny lot, we dog owners. As much as our lives are filled with love and laughter by our furry friends, dog ownership comes with its fair share of weirdness. Whilst cats seem to reign supreme on the Internet, dogs – in our view – are the real stars of the comedy show. Which of these hilarious dog owner moments do you relate to most?

1. The Dog Who Wants Your Dinner

2. The Dog Who Has No Idea of Its Size

3. The Dog Who Will Not Have A Bath

4. The Dog Who Just Wants To Nap With You

5. The Dog Who Likes To Play Dirty

6. The Dog That Hates The Cat

7. The Dog That Loves The Cat

8. The Dog That Is Just Plain Weird

9. The Dog Who Doesn’t Know How To Play Properly

10. The Dog Who Just Wants To Have Fun

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