Month: January 2016

Science Has Spoken: Dogs Really Do Feel Jealousy

This will probably come as little surprise to most dog owners: dogs feel jealousy. Jealousy, once considered a human trait alone, has been found to also be present in dogs. A team of researchers at the University of California conducted an experiment on dogs in their own homes to see how they responded to jealousy-inducing […]

Your Dog Understands Fairness!

New research has shown that dogs are aware of the concept of fairness. They can tell whether something is fair or not: they just don’t really care… so long as they are better off for it. In the study, undertaken by Alexandra Horowitz at Bernard College in the USA, 38 dogs were assessed, one at […]

Dogs Prefer To Earn Their Treats

A new study has shown that dogs experience greater levels of happiness when they earn a reward in exchange for performing a task, compared to when they are simply handed a treat. The study was undertaken by the team at the University of Agricultural Sciences in Sweden. The team used six matched pairs of beagles […]

Why Are Modern Dogs Living Shorter Lives?

Shockingly, over the last fifty years, the health of domestic dogs has declined dramatically. Our dogs are living shorter lives, and getting serious conditions and diseases at a younger age. Obviously, something is wrong here. What has happened to our dogs’ health? In this post, we take a look at the reasons why dogs are […]

Protecting Your Dog During Hot Weather

Summer in Switzerland, as we know, can be blissfully warm. However, blissful is probably not the word your pets would use to describe the hot weather that’s on its way. Hot weather can be dangerous, and – at times – outright deadly, for our furry friends. In this post, we take a look at ways […]

The Raw Food Diet: Is It Right For Your Dog?

Many dog owners are starting to consider the benefits of feeding their pets on a raw food diet. According to proponents, the raw food diet is the best way to nourish a dog in the way it would eat in the wild. However, the raw food diet remains controversial. In this post, we take a […]

Brain Ageing and Behavioural Changes in Senior Dogs

We all know that things change as we get older. Our bodies don’t necessarily always behave the way they once did. We become calmer, sleepier and less active. Just like our pets. The whole body is affected by the ageing process. That’s not news to any of us. The brain is no different, and in […]

Are People Prejudiced Against Black Dogs?

It might sound ludicrous, but the staff at rescue centres and shelters across the world are sadly familiar with Black Dog Syndrome. This is the name shelter staff have given the tendency for black and dark coloured dogs to remain in rescue far longer than those with lighter coats. Along with their handicap for getting […]

Looking For A Dog? Adopt! Adopt! Adopt!

Millions of dogs across the world are euthanized every year because there is nobody willing to take them home. These are mostly loving, sweet dogs who have no idea why they are stuck in a cage, and no idea that they’re doomed to die for lack of love. With shelters and rescue centres overfilling with […]

10 Ways To Make Your Dog Happy

We all want our dogs to be happy. Of course we do! Taking them for a nice long walk and playing with them every day are the obvious things that give your dog happiness, whilst strengthening the bond between you. But what else can you do? After all, they give us so much pleasure, it’s […]