Why You Should Brush Your Dog’s Teeth Regularly (& How To Do It)

Taking care of your dog’s teeth is vital to their long term health and general wellbeing. Just like us, dogs can suffer from dental problems that can be extremely painful. Brushing your dog’s teeth may seem like a serious chore, and it does take time and patience to get your pet accustomed to this peculiar […]

What Your Dog Says About You

You might be interested to hear that there are many aspects of your dog’s appearance, personality and behaviour that are a direct reflection of yourself. This goes much further than the tough-guy-with-Rottweiler motif, or the elegant-woman-with-poodle cliché. Take a look and see for yourself. Origin 1. Bought my dog from a pet shop or classified […]

Dogs and Allergy Sufferers: Can They Get Along?

Are you desperate to adopt a dog, but worried that your, or a family member’s, allergies might be a problem? Don’t worry. There are things you can do to manage your allergy and to enjoy the benefits of dog ownership, too. Firstly, it’s important to dispel a couple of myths. It is not dog hair […]

Choosing Dog Toys For Your Best Friend

Dogs love to play. It keeps their mind active and their body healthy. When you and your dog play together, it strengthens the bond between you. Some dogs enjoy a good wrestle or to race alongside you. But all dogs need toys to play with. Choosing the right one for your dog is important for […]

How To Train Your Deaf Dog

If you have found out that your dog is deaf, it is unlikely to come as a big surprise. You may have noticed him failing to respond to verbal commands for some time. If you have discovered that your new puppy is deaf, you may be worried that she will be difficult to train, or […]

5 Ways Being A Dog Owner Is Good For You

We all know how good it feels to have a best friend with four legs. Dogs are loving, loyal and endless fun to be around. It’s no wonder that we are a nation of confirmed dog lovers. But did you know that having a dog is also good for your health? It’s true! 1. A […]

What Emotions Can Dogs Really Feel?

There has been, for a number of years, some argument as to dogs’ emotions. Back in the distant past, the philosopher Descartes argued that dogs were simply a kind of machine, which are unable to think, nor to feel. That they could only be programmed to act in certain ways. Things have progressed far, however, […]

10 Weird Moments Only Dog Owners Will Understand

We are a funny lot, we dog owners. As much as our lives are filled with love and laughter by our furry friends, dog ownership comes with its fair share of weirdness. Whilst cats seem to reign supreme on the Internet, dogs – in our view – are the real stars of the comedy show. […]

7 Superfoods For Dogs To Boost Their Health and Longevity

It’s not just us humans who can benefit from the power of nutrient-packed foods. Our four-legged friends also enjoy the taste and experience the health boost that nature’s superfoods can deliver. With that in mind, we’ve put together our top choice for foods that your dog will love, which will also enhance his health and […]

5 Breed Myths That Need To Be Debunked – Now!

You may think you know about dogs, but do you have preconceived ideas about the characteristics of certain breeds? If you do, stop right there! Most of us will agree that judging other humans based on stereotypes about their ethnic origin is a very bad thing. So why should our attitude to dogs be any […]