What Your Dog Says About You

You might be interested to hear that there are many aspects of your dog’s appearance, personality and behaviour that are a direct reflection of yourself. This goes much further than the tough-guy-with-Rottweiler motif, or the elegant-woman-with-poodle cliché. Take a look and see for yourself.



1. Bought my dog from a pet shop or classified ad

This shows that you are impulsive and somewhat self-centred. Far from thinking through a decision meticulously, you act on emotional responses to stimuli without considering the consequences of those actions. You are likely to be spontaneous, fun-loving and stubborn.

2. Bought my dog from a breeder

The dog owner who takes time to research and identify exactly which dog they want, and where they want to get it from, is someone who thinks ahead. This meticulous dog owner is also likely to be somebody who likes to be in control.

3. Rescued my dog from a shelter

Those who adopt from shelters or pick up stray dogs tend to be compassionate, empathic and emotionally intelligent. You are not afraid to take chances or to give others the benefit of the doubt.


1. I have an expensive pure breed or designer cross-breed

Those who own pure breeds and designer dogs tend to be image-driven and have specific ideas about what they want. For these owners, control over their environment, and putting across a certain image of themselves, are of utmost importance.

2. I have a cross-breed or ‘mutt’

These people tend to be much more easy-going. They are also warm, emotional and may also prefer to live a little chaotically. These owners have a relaxed attitude, and look past appearances to form their opinions over time.

Living Conditions

If you let your dog sleep in bed with you, and have the run of the whole house, you are probably a bit of a push-over. You don’t need us to tell you that. You are, however, also soft hearted, affectionate and empathic. For those who keep their dogs outside in a kennel or on a chain, the opposite is true.


1. I have a big, slobbery dog

These people are relaxed, have a wild sense of humour and are very easy going.

2. I have a fearsome guard dog

People who keep a guard dog often like to appear in control. They may have problems getting close to others, or are suspicious of the world around them. Often, people like this are actually very emotionally fragile.

3. I have a small ‘toy’ breed

If you have a fun, toy breed of dog, you are likely to be fun, too. You are likely to want things kept clean and neat, and don’t want too much responsibility in your life right now. You want to nurture, but like to keep things simple.

4. I have a small dog but not a ‘toy’ breed

A small dog often means that you enjoy the joys of caring for others, but without any hard responsibility. You like to be independent, and for others not to depend too heavily on you.

5. I have a mid-sized dog

Those with medium sized dogs like the best of both worlds. Fun and responsibility, cuddles and games, appearance and substance. You are likely to be a well-balanced, outgoing individual.

6. I have a big fur ball

If you have a hairy dog who sheds its hair, you are not going to be particularly fussy. You don’t worry about being judged by others, and you take life as it comes.

7. I have an elegant, neat dog

You are likely to also be elegant and neat yourself. You like your surroundings and those around you to reflect your own philosophy on life and style, and may be a bit egocentric.

8. I have a tough looking dog with a soft heart

Like the dog owner who chooses a neat and elegant dog to match herself, you also like your surroundings to reflect how you see yourself. You may be a person who puts on a brave face to protect themselves from the world, whilst secretly wishing to be loved.


It is more than likely that your dog’s behaviour will mimic your own. For example, if you are a friendly and outgoing person, you may find your dog is the same. Similarly, if you are suspicious of others, your dog will pick up on this. Our dogs are highly tuned to their owner (‘pack leader’s’) behaviour and seek to match it. It’s a genetic, survival trait.

So, before you roll your eyes at your dog’s behaviour, stop and think: is he just trying to be like me?