Why Are Modern Dogs Living Shorter Lives?

Shockingly, over the last fifty years, the health of domestic dogs has declined dramatically. Our dogs are living shorter lives, and getting serious conditions and diseases at a younger age. Obviously, something is wrong here. What has happened to our dogs’ health? In this post, we take a look at the reasons why dogs are so much less healthy these days, and what can be done to improve things for our canine chums.


As humans, we are more aware than ever of the role nutrition plays in our health and longevity. If you eat poor quality food, you become sick. Well, exactly the same thing is happening with our pets.

In the past, wild dogs were scavengers who ate an omnivorous diet. They ate meat when it was available, hunting in packs and bringing down live prey. When times were hard, they ate a vegetarian diet, and their bodies were able to process rotting and decaying meat from found carcasses.

Even until relatively recently, dogs were fed scraps from the human table, which was typically healthier than today’s additive-packed, processed human diet. Dogs enjoyed good quality leftover meat and vegetables, and their bodies were quite happy with this.

It is only since the advent of the commercial pet food industry that things have gone downhill with our dogs’ diets. The quality of the commercial dog food available is not suitable for human consumption, and is composed of the waste by-products of the meat industry, and bulked up with carbohydrates and other additives, all from the cheapest sources.

Even though dogs are, by nature, opportunistic omnivores, they still require good nutrition, which is lacking in low grade, commercial dog food. Even a decaying carcass contains more necessary nutrients than your run-of-the-mill canned dog food.

By buying top quality dog food, or preparing your pet’s meals at home, your dog’s diet will be filled with significantly more health-giving nutrients that will prolong your dog’s lifespan and improve his general wellbeing.

The first step in treating any nascent medical problem, both in humans and animals, should be to consider the diet. We are all so reliant on mainstream medication from our human doctors or pet veterinarians, that we are often too hasty to medicate rather than treat our pets with an improved diet.

A combination of low nutrition and high intake of chemical compound in the diet affects the ability of the liver to function at its best. This is why so many dogs sadly succumb to liver disease. A compromised liver can also cause a dog to become aggressive, as well as cause cancer and digestive problems. A lack of proper nutrition also puts the body at risk of infection, as the immune system is lowered, increasing your dog’s chances of contracting diseases and illnesses.

Making changes to your dog’s diet to promote his health will allow the body to begin to cleanse itself of the toxic build-up in his body. When a proper diet is followed on an ongoing basis, you are bound to see your dog’s health, energy levels and general wellbeing improve at a remarkable rate.

Work with your vet to put proper nutrition at the forefront of your dog’s health. Have him tested for any potential food allergies or intolerances, and research the best diet for your dog’s needs. After all, our dogs mean so much to us, it goes without saying that we would like them to live longer, happier, healthier lives.