Comprehensive training dog grooming (6 months)

 Comprehensive training dog grooming for young people under 18 years old   (12 months)

Definition: The animal groomer cares for and maintains the detangling, shampooing, application of pest control products, etc.) and beauty care (cutting, trimming, hair removal, etc.) for the well being of dogs and sometimes  long haired cats. They evaluate the animal by applying a particular standard of cut according to his race.

The practice of this profession involves qualities such as:

– Manual ability, precision

– Hygiene and cleanliness

– Commercial awareness

– Aesthetic awareness

– Patience

Prerequisites: Have passed secondary schooling or equivalent.

In the world of animals, you always want to work with dogs, you have to have patience and skills with your hands, we offer our unique training program of Dog Groomer in our  HAPPY DOG DAY SPA centre in Nyon.

The training will take place directly in our Happy Dog Day Spa center as part of your practical with your theoretical preparation with our professionals. During your stay, you must be able to safely manage, offer appointments with the clients, provide the proper care and information of the dog, advise the right products to apply. The theory courses will complete your know-how.

You have to be passionate about the job and love animals.

– Training:

  6 months (theory 1x per week and practice) or 12 months for young people under 18 years old

– A practical and theoretical exam at the end of the training.


Training days:            Next Training for 6 months: 15 September 2020

– Tuesday: 09:00 to 17:00 

– Thursday: 09:30 to 17:00

– Holidays (same dates as the Vaud school holidays).

                                     Next Training for 12 months: September 2020 to October 2021

 – 3 half day of pratice

– Holidays (same dates as the Vaud school holidays).


You get the dog groomer diploma from our private school.

Rates are as follows:

The complete training for 6 months CHF 9’800.-

Down payment to confirm registration CHF 1800.-

The complete training for 12 months (-18 years old) CHF 16’000.-

Down payment to confirm registration CHF 2500.-

Payment of your course balance at the latest before the final exams. Payment plans available on request.