Saule Rinkeviciute

I was born in 1986, in Lithuania, in a family of musicians. My father is lithuanian, is a world famous conductor of symphony orchestra, mother is russian, conductor of the choir. Me and my sister started to learn music from 3 years old. At 11 years old I was already playing violin as a soloist with different orchestras. After finishing the National school of Arts in Lithuania, I was invited to study with scholarship in P. Tchaikovsky conservatory in Moscow, which I finished with honour at 24 years old.

My whole childhood was only about music, competitions (I am the winner of various international violin competitions), travels for the concerts and tours. I was playing with famous orchestras in Europe, South Korea, Russia. All my life was about music and… dogs!

After I have finished my studies I came back to Lithuania to continue my career of musician. Between the rehearsals, I was coming back home where I had my beloved pets. Dogs were always part of my life, if I am not in a trip for a concert, then I am in a trip for a dog show. As a child, I had fishes, mice, turtles, parrots, cats and obviously dogs. From the first newfoundland, then pugs, golden retriever, spaniels- up to giant schnauzer. From 13 years old I was also traveling around the Europe and winning European dog shows. I was a handler, trainer, breeder and show groomer.

Music as a profession and dogs as a hobby- changed their places when I moved to Switzerland. After I met my future husband, at 30 years old I left my country with my 2 dogs and the cat.

The start in the new country is never easy. All what I built 25 years in East Europe, I could not bring in the new country so easily. I knew that building a musician career here would take a lot of years. So I decided to try something else on the side. 

My skills of handler, knowledge of show standards, gave me the idea to try myself in the field of dogs. Some courses of commercial grooming, various seminars + my professional dog show experience and strong knowledge of breed standards – brought me to Happy dog day spa. The work of my dream, where I do not need to work, as it always was my hobby. 

I am also crazy about kitesurfing, snowboarding, I drive motorbike, ride the horse and I love to travel. I speak Lithuanian, Russian, English and French. I have currently 4 dogs – english cocker spaniel Aphrodite, 3 giant schnauzers Impreza, Electra and Zebra and one adopted cat Kissa. I am still sometimes finding the time to give violin concerts on my holidays between grooming and dog shows.