Ozone therapy

Information on ozone therapy

Ozone treatment is one of the best natural skin disinfectants. It’s also a great anti-inflammatory for joint problems. Treatment also helps with wound healing. It’s a very good moisturizer and a good remedy for alopecia * and dermatitis*.

Whether it is to relax or treat your dog, ozone treatment works miracles. Without side effect.

*Alopecia : partial or total hair loss.

*Dermatitis : Infection caused by a mushroom.

How is the treatment ?

First, we start with the preparation of the dog, nails, waxing the ears etc …

After a good bath, we can start the treatment. Direction the soaking in our ozonized spa. Certain essential oils will be added for a personalized treatment. The duration will depend on the treatment chosen by our groomers, it may take 15 to 30 minutes. Your companion will be accompanied throughout the treatment, including massages. After direction, drying and cutting if desired.



The practice of canine osteopathy is based on the same principles as human osteopathy. In fact, animals also suffer from joint blockages, localized pain and various pathologies. Osteopathy is an alternative medicine that can help the patient heal in complementarity with veterinary medicine.

What is ostheopathy ?

This manual therapeutic method aimed at restoring their mobility to different joints, tissues or viscera. Any loss of mobility or body imbalance can lead to a deterioration in the animal’s state of health. The osteopath will assess the overall functioning of the body in order to find the exact cause of the discomfort or pain and to treat it. The osteopathic procedure is gentle and painless for the animal.)

When to call an osteopath ?
  • Preventive osteopathy: helps prevent the accumulation of micro-lesions and therefore ultimately symptoms. A regular visit (once or twice a year) helps prevent and maintain the dog’s overall body balance before the compensations are too great and induce associated pathologies.

    Curative osteopathy: improves the daily life of dogs affected by certain pathologies such as: arthritis, dysplasia, hernias, digestive disorders, chronic dislocation of the kneecaps, complications due to brachycephalic syndrome, etc.

The warning signs that should alert you !
  • lameness

    Reaction to manipulation (moans, bite, …)

    Repeated licking of an area

    Appearance of edema

    Adopting an adaptive posture: round back, tail worn low, head low, …

    Muscle atrophy or asymmetry

    Various trauma (fall, fight with another dog, accident, …)

    Skin or hair problems

    Hot or sensitive area

    Regular constipation or diarrhea

    Difficulty breathing

    Weight loss

    Difficulty making certain movements (going up and down the stairs, turning your head, jumping, etc.)

    Behavior change (aggressiveness, less active dog, …)

Chromotherapy for animals

What is chromotherapy ?

Chromotherapy is a method inherited from Chinese energetics.

The principle is to use the energy of colors to bring the body to react, so as to lead to the healing of a pathology.

It is a holistic discipline since it apprehends being in its entirety (physical, emotional, mental and energetic) contributing effectively to harmonization,

to the construction and development of the person while respecting their integrity.

Chromotherapy is a method of harmonizing and helping to heal certain disorders, physical or emotional, through the use of colors.

The care is based on the sensory organs, including sight.

According to this discipline, colors have a direct influence on the mind and body.

How is the session ?

We will take the time to “put things down” in an approach adapted to your dog.

I will then apply the color to the skin (between 30 and 60 seconds, sometimes 90) on the meridian points of the Chinese acupuncture concerned, using a lamp in the shape of a pen or an LED spot.