Choosing the right toy for your best friend

Our friends dogs love to play to keep their minds active and their bodies healthy.

. When you and your dog play together, it strengthens the bond between you. Some dogs enjoy a good tug-of-war or run next to you. But all dogs need toys to play with. Choosing the right one for your dog is important to ensure their safety, health and happiness. That’s why we’ve set up this post to help you choose the toys that are best for your pet.

Beaucoup de jouets pour chiens

1. The right size and shape -- and in good condition

First of all, you need to make sure that all the toys you bought for your dog are the right size and shape, and are in good condition. Toys that are too small can be a choking hazard, and may also damage your dog’s stomach and intestine. You should also avoid toys with parts that can be chewed, such as eyes on stuffed animals. Again, these can be dangerous.

Any toy that begins to disintegrate under wear and tear is no longer fit for use, and must be discarded.

Les balles de tennis

2. Tennis balls

Tennis balls are the ultimate dog toy. Perfect for chasing, for hunting around the garden, or chewing, a tennis ball is ideal. However, if your dog is a lively chewer, you should keep an eye on how he deals with his tennis ball. Some dogs will simply shred a tennis ball to pieces in a matter of minutes, and could cause damage to their stomach by swallowing bits.

Jouet en caoutchouc

3. Toys made of rubber

Thick rubber toys in which you can stuff treats or peanuts are also very popular. Dogs will enjoy getting out the snack inside, which keeps their minds active. This is a great choice for when you plan to leave your dog alone for a few hours, as it will preoccupy them until you are back.

Les jouets en peluche

4. Stuffed animals

Some dogs love stuffed toys. It is not uncommon to find a puppy with a stuffed toy, taking him everywhere with him,, sucking or biting on it. The best toys are specially designed for dogs, which are safe and made with good materials for your dog’s health and safety.

Les jouets chez Happy

5. Squeaky toys

Squeaky toys for dogs are classics. Some dogs simply chew the toy to listen to the noise, or even to get your reaction! Keep an eye on the toy anyway — and toy that begins to disintegrate will need to be replaced.

There are literally hundreds of different types of dog toys on the market. Finding the right ones for your dog is a fun and rewarding process, and your dog will thank you for finding his favorite game! Happy Dog Day Spa has a wide variety of high quality dog toys, so come and see us!

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